Monday, October 8, 2007


update update
u know im a very busy person wan u know
and im not like kennysia, i dont get to go macau n meet the grasshoppers by blogging wan u know
*unless u wanna start giving me some cash for blogging then i dont mind lar*

put a chatter box?
u mean a complain box izzit?
y? so that the whole world can see how lazy i am?!

just playing, dont get offended ya gals =p
just finish subtitling 4mins of my edu video, i spent 30 freaking minutes ler!!!!!
and the mosquitos cant stop sucking my blood...
hot they come in, rain also they come in...die lar me!!

so, semester break is around the corner..
i mean, finals first lar of coz
but we should really start planning where to go hor...very important wan ar
PD? pangkor?...wait, tht means i need to lose fats lor?!!....
sigh...they just stick with me like im their mother, wat to do?
or maybe malacca? or go my hometown lar plant vege!! sounds good?

btw, how come no one ask wats COKOCEENAIMA wan?!


DjMeiMei said...

coz u already explain to the whole world how u get the name d!!

sHanNa said...

??? i donno... mind to intro? haha! ^^

Aple said...

I give up too...what's it mean? :D

11*blue said...

woah! a new site where stephie actually blog again?!


so if u really want us to ask...
what's cokoceenaima?

man!~ dun even know how to spell it!~

take care.