Friday, April 25, 2008

malacca trip!

finally, ive decided to sit down and post my trip to malacca
believe it or not, we stayed in a MANSION!! yellow color somemore!
n then its like super convenient, walk down is mamak ady

yellow mansion only 90bucks? for 4 single beds

i have to post this, coz its the only antique tht im allowed to snap XD

first stop! chicken rice ball!!

its really nice, maybe coz i wasnt expecting much =)

a nice shot taken by mei, love the interior, love the "antient" feeling...

btw aple, tht ball is for u...stephz ate it!!!

n the the walk on Jonker street begins

it was very quite tht day as it was a monday
most of the shops were closed coz jonker street is at its busiest during weekend

there were many cute stuff in the shops

like this samurai sword i found...=D

there were many cool shops with cool stuff which din allow yea..
at the end of the walk, we followed the smell of laksa n into a shop...

its just a nice shot taken by gwen, nice lar, but nothing special...

baba nyonya cendol...gwen likes it, i tot its just okay...

tht concludes our jonker walk
before we left, we bought a souvenier first lottery ticket!!

n btw...stephz made a fren...

his name is hoohoohaha

after a quick nap, we headed for sate celup

it tasted good at the beginning, i think i was quite hungry, but after tht, very jelak leh...

but the fish was good, as u can see from her face...^^

thn we headed for "definitely, maybe" =_=
i liked the cinema

notice how the screen is facing out...

they also have this mini lounge...din dare to take too many pics lar, later ppl tot im from which kampung >"<

the next day after some souvenier hunting, we had brunch at some nyonya restaurant

sigh, gal ar, next time i bring u guys to ss2 k?

but im really impressed with the deco


here are some group pics

i would love to go back to malacca again, for a longer period of time
when i was looking at the old buildings, the antiques and furnitures
it was heartfelt, i couldnt stop thinking abt the people tht build this place, their story, their pain...i dunno, i just felt something...

it was a great trip gals...cant wait for the nxt one
there were lots of laughters and u all so so much
tho we wont know if we would still get the chance to travel together after we graduate, i just want to treasure this moment with u all
life in UCSI wouldnt be this high if it wasnt for u gals
ive learned alot from all of u, n each of u meant alot to me
cant wait for the next semester to start!! wooo hooo!!

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