Wednesday, May 7, 2008

i do not enjoy crying...not at all...

do u know y i was so upset?

already we havent been talking much lately
already we're not spending much time together

now we are going to spend lesser time together...

i could be imagining the distance by myself
i could be paranoing over nothing again
i could be fine a few days later

but right now im very very unhappy...
u always say we're going the spend the future together, y worry so much abt now?
u always say we will make time to see each other
maybe im not a person tht holds too much hope abt the future, not anymore
maybe im just too dependent over u

how is this going to work?
i have no faith

how have i become so lonely and pathetic...

1 comment:

shengnan said...

future future....
I'll love you forever,so pls dont give me any pressure now ok?
you dont even put effort for NOW,r u sure the FUTURE will still on?

I mean him....u take care la~
I'll be with u always :)