Sunday, July 27, 2008


human mind n heart are so unique n hard to predict
maybe this is y psychology is so cool n fun

been reading "world's greatest serial killers"
most convicts admits their wrongs and requested to be put to death so that they cant kill anymore

u see, this is how human works
we know wat we are doing are awfully wrong
yet, nothing seem to able to stop us from continuing it
somehow hoping someone or something else can stop us by force

i guess i am at this stage
i know my wrongs, yet i cant seem to able to come out from it
i know i must change, yet i am not ready to let go
somehow i hope, i was still in NZ, where in a foreign land i am more cautious and obedient
then again, until i leave this place...will it be too late for me to change?


joshua said...

change is from within, not without...

tanz said...

i like your pic... nice nice...