Thursday, October 9, 2008

my mummy

mum came back from hong kong with lots of goodies
but also a very bad news
there's a lump in her lymph node
doctor suspect it could be serious
after seeing the specialist on monday
she immediately admitted to the hospital to remove the lump on tue

"mimi, ure not afraid of death, not afraid of pain, thn y r u now so worried?"
"because im afraid i leave at the wrong time..."

ive been hanging around the hospital for the past 2 days
i havent been sleeping well since the nite mum broke the news to me
n i dont know how much tears ive shed

in front of her i seem to be emotionless, sometimes still bubbly
its because i know once i get all emotional
my tears wont stop falling...n so i faked

im not afraid tht she will die
for she will have a better life in heaven...thts for sure
but its the tot of her goin through the pain
it eats my heart up

i know it was just a small surgery
n i was paranoid
but i cant help...she's my only family.

mum stayed overnight
many came to visit, even ex colleagues from years back
mum's very blessed
because she's always been a blessing to everyone...
please do keep her in prayer, her wound got infection, really swallon
pray tht her report will come out normal next week
removing the lump does not heal her
it is for further investigation n find wat its all about
pray tht its not cancer, not TB not anything but good health.


rchuan said...

all the best to your mom~
no worries, she will be fine if u hav faith in everything~ gah yao~
u too take good care of urself ya~
take care~ all the best to u~

sHanNa said...

=) i'll keep her in my prayer...
no worries...

gambateh! ^^

Take care yea... ^^

Stephanie Tanz said...


Rycerain said...

ah Liew gambateh! Mummy Liew gambateh!

shinobikit said...



-Nicole- said...

Babe, how's ur mommy doing?
Is she good?
The report leng chai ma?
Have faith~
Ask from God and you'll be blessed.

joshua said...

let the weak say, 'i am strong'.

it's not easy but hang on to God. 8-|