Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's day special

Mimi say she likes Japanese food wor... here's my very first attempt on sushi making...
Here's goes nothing...

Spent RM67 on rice, vinegar, unagi, fish eggs, jelly fish and japanese cucumber.
Jayson asked y not just bring her out for Sushi King...
=_= no wonder he HARDLY cook for me.

EGG!! without any seasoning and oil.
Healthy healthy

Slice'em all while waiting for the rice to cook

Pour vinegar (with sugar and salt) into the rice

Roll'em up!!

I know...very ugly.

But this looks GOOD!!
She never really once said my food was bad...
This time she hugged and kissed me, hehe
Of coz, she said its NICE!!
Well i tot it was ok, the rice was a lil too sour.
She so cute ^^
Btw, she's out of medication ady.
Pray that within these 2 years she wont get infected again.
Love you mum, Happie mother's day!


nana- said...

touched. :)

Gwen said...

so sweet~

Mary-Janice said...

yo steph
very touch la..
anyway i also make heart shape jelly (lychee fruit inside) with carnation to my mom & Ps lily..
My Mom-in-law is also jelly but is peace fruits inside with Champagne glass

Stephanie Tanz said...

liew liew is always the sweetest...

no wonder everyone sayang u...