Monday, October 22, 2007

its so freaking clear!

woke up this morning with a swallon eye.
i tot im done with it, but it hurts so bad that whenever i think of it my tears still fall
maybe its not such big a deal, or maybe it is
i am not mad, im just hurt, i guess thts even worse.

never have i seen u so excited about it, at least from the beginning, u din show much excitement at all
but until tht day, u got so excited, u quickly made phonecalls, almost immediately.
n do u still remember tht day?
it was as if im the outsider...u were literally begging him to stay...
am i that hard to be with?

after a long n stressful time of work n school...i tot u would be happy n look forward to it too!
well, my tot was wrong
do u know how bad tht hurts?
u keep on saying u dun mean it tht way
but ur actions and words have already made it so freaking clear!
its not that i dont wanna believe in wat u say
or maybe ure not even aware that u actually feel tht way
but its clear....crystal clear...
n im very very disappointed...

the feeling of not being wanted
u will never understand...