Thursday, October 18, 2007

my wives

i almost forgot how nice it is to just sit down and chat with you guys.
Last nite was great (sounds wrong @_@)
thank u guys for taking me away from all the assignments stress crap
n also reminding me of my priority =)

we could talk about almost everything on earth
n it just makes it so easy to talk about almost everything (we will proceed to bigger mind other time)
just because its u guys...
if it wasnt because of my stupid stupid stupid PTA assignments...i guess we would have stayed for breakie...=D
it is all this spontan crazee ideas that make things so special....thanks for being fat with me !!

have i told u guys yet?...
i love u all!!!

*for those that didnt get it, me n my wives just went to mcd spontaneously at 12midnite. n we hang until 3:55am...hehehe, thts how we missed the breakfast.