Monday, November 5, 2007

internship zzzzzzzzzz

so here am i, sitting behind the reception table all day
its 4:07pm now, im glad, in less than 2 hours i am going home...

its the 3rd day of work now...
i can only describe it with one word...BORED!!
yes we were assigned with "stuffs" to do...but sitting in front of the computer the whole freaking day is plain BORED!
been reading reading n reading...heck i din even read so much for my assignments in college
but because i really have nothing else to do here, all i can do is READ = BORED
those of u tht din know, im not really fond of reading

im suppose to type out a "textbook" of 100-200 pages on Marriage and family counseling
so i have to read as much material as posible to enable the production of this "textbook"
fun fun!

well aside from tht, everything else is alrite i guess
ppl n bosses are good, place is nice n QUEIT!
lunch is free n i can use my own laptop
can learn stuff that are related to my field of study (eg preparing modules, observe clients, carry out events etc.)

work place is located in PJ
so PJ is now officially my 2nd home!!
aside coming to work, my church is nearby also, so 7 days a week in PJ no fail
weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! @_@ T R A F F I C J A M P E T R O L B O R I N G

so how was gardening day u asked?
hahaha, its GREAT!!
i had to literally pull grass with my bare hands, no gloves!! T_T
oh yea n guess wat happen the next day after i pull off some of the grass?
aside from backache n crack nails
my supervisor actually called pros to cut the grass!!!!!!!!!
wat the...then y lar the aunty aka receptionist go n pull the grass! make me follow also...n get all exhausted for nothing...

u know, i think its a good strategy to get ur staffs to do the gardening n cleaning up
it makes ur staffs feel at home
u know, doing all the work urself...*no sarcasm applied*
yeah! meeting!!

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