Saturday, November 10, 2007

Malaysia BOLEH!!!

by the way, did i mention that i need to work on every alternate saturdays?
not half day, but from 9-5pm. fun!!
anyhooo, i have something ... well i wont say interesting, its more like something absurd...

i took my own sweet time coming to work this morning, coz its a saturday morning, no jam gua..
along the way, i saw some policemen standing at the side of the road.
until i reach the turning to the Istana, i see cars in front starting to waaaaaaaaaay...
road closed??!!

so i turn one big round to federal.
along the way to klang, the road was as smooth as it could be...until i see the road on my right...
road block!! polis pemeriksa wor~~~
then it started to get into me when i see the looooooooooooooooooooooooong queue...i am so late!
right after one toll, there's ANOTHER road block!! heck what does the police wants from us?!
passing yet another toll, i see the THIRD freaking road block!!!
gosh i no need to go to work ady lar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so all together it took me almost an hour to reach my work place from klang, which usually takes only 20mins.
when i was passing by the road blocks, the polices dint even look at me okay?!
they just wave their hands like they are waving the flies away...@_@
fun izzit?!
-update 1:08pm-
*beep beep*
"hi dis is unsolicited but heard d gathering escalated into riot in kl. do avoid going in2 kl 2day"
hmmmmmmm, wat gathering?
heard it was about the Bersih Demonstration...could the road blocks be related to it?
i dunno, hearing the news does giv me a creep and worry...*tho i have no idea wats going on*
Lord, what will Msia be turning into...

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