Monday, December 17, 2007


Doinkie, this picture is for you...come back soon ya?

for some reason...or many, im not looking forward to Christmas this year.
i have nothing to look forward to, i have prepared no gifts for broke, literally.
Christmas has played such a big part in my life, it is so huge that i look forward to it more than my birthday.

Every year, i am involved in church, and family Christmas gathering.
All the practises and preparation, just makes Christmas even more exciting and meaningful.
And because of tht...Christmas is becoming, one of my biggest stress of the year.

Especially this year, everything is so tiring, stressful...n wrong!
y cant we have Jesus' birth as our main theme anymore? isnt tht wat Christmas is all about?
so much responsibilities and things to look after, and everything i do seems to be going down the hill... i am not looking forward to Christmas at all! i am looking forward to the day AFTER Christmas...when everything is finally done and over....i need some rest...alot of rest...

i wanna fly to the place where i see on tv...
staying at home with loved ones, having turkey for dinner, sitting around the tall and well decorated Christmas tree with a cup of chicken soup in my hands, watching the snow fall and cuddle on the sofa with blanket around me, chit chatting with stress, no worries...a time of sharing and relax.

my working place is well decorated, there are at least 3 christmas trees around, everyday the player is playing Christmas songs....
but it all seem so meaningless...

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