Thursday, November 15, 2007

my Malaysia

what has happened to Malaysia?
heck what is happening to the world?

in parts of US they are praying for rain
yet in the other part of the world, ppl die becoz of rain!

everyday u watch the news, there are people being killed for no particular reason
which makes me wonder if myself or someone close to me would be the next victim

this is Malaysia, my Malaysia, D Malaysia that i am so very proud of
but what is this Malaysia doing to keep this pride of mine?
watching how the police is spraying chemicled water onto the BERSIH demostrators
forces me to agree that YES, we are indeed just one of THOSE countries.
so what if we have someone in space and the tallest building?

we also have the darkest alley that no one is suppose to see.

so wat is there to be proud of?

the government is trying so hard to dress up surface of Malaysia

yet inside we are just as ...

we are the people that make this land possible
but y are they pushing us away??

people leaving...first it was the friends from formal high school..
then is the church, even my neighbours have moved out!

when i was in NZ, i always told myself that i will come back n serve my country
to help n beuatify my HOMe..but is my home accepting our offer?

now, altho i still have little hope n burden for my country
i find no reason to convince others to stay anymore

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