Tuesday, January 1, 2008


i know this is abit late, been kinda busy, but really wanna do it lar =)
just a recap of the things tht's happened in 2007...

got "promoted" to CAC unit to work with world's coolest supervisor, Mr Terry.
its gwen gwen's first yee sang!!! aikz, cant see mei mei tim...
it MINE birthday =)
an unforgettable genting trip ^^ muackz!! to u n uzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....
gwen gwen's birthday!! *burp*
worked with a bunch of crazeee yet incredibly nice ppl at PWTC International Book Fair.
Wiley rocks!!
MPPK meeting with other council member from various colleges with the deputy minister of Msia in Marriot Hotel at Putrajaya. The toilet was bigger than my house ok!!
seafood with darling and his friends ^^ ....*stomach growling*....crab.........prawn........
congrates to Jo n MJ!!
Emcee for UCSI Merdeka Sports Open...was a fun experience!
lil karaoke session with some primary skool mates
missing u kevin... ...
went back to my primary skool to teach for my Edu psych assignment...fun fun fun!!
ROYAL LONDON CIRCUS!!!! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmuackz!!
and so the journey in NOW Serices begins~~
its stephz 21st birthday!!
yard sales in NOW Services...stressful yet fruitful experience =)
MIRA Country performance...wassup!!
sweeeeeetest christmas eve ever!!
"A Special Christmas and You" party at my intern place...
thanks again to everyone tht came along to help and perform...wouldnt make it without any of u...muackz!!
and tht roughly concludes my 2007...
thank u all for making it happen =)
as for 2008, i dont have specific wishes or expectation...ill just take it step by step...
good or bad, ill take it all.
and as for u who are reading this...HAPPY YEAR 2008!!!

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Karan said...

Glad to see you in blogspot.

and nice pics