Sunday, March 23, 2008

no siblings ... good!

come to think of it, im thankful...tht im the only child.
aside from the fact that me alone is already too much to handle for my mum, i have so much to be thankful about.

see, i dont need to be compared with my siblings.
i dont have to inherit 2nd hand stuff
i wont have extra ppl to nag me around the house
and the most important thing is, i dont need to be a role model!!!
because i just realise that i would make a lousy sister if mum gave birth to any younger ones.

first of all, i am not smart nor am i hardworking.
i always leave things to the last-est minute until i cant tahan myself anymore

second, i such a messy person
mum is right (doesnt she always) that i am just as bad as a bloke!
i hate/lazy to put on night cream day cream unless my face starts to pop out with pimples
i dont clean my room until i cant find something...

third, i am a super moody person.
one minute i can laughing and jumping around the house, next minute i would be frowning and ask everyone else to shut least in my head.

see, i would make a bad bad role model
my younger siblings would be just as lazy n messy as me, and he or she could emotionally abused by me just because im such an unpredictable person, at least for my moods.
and they would have nothing to look up to in me, nothing of me to be proud of.

so yea, i thank God i dont have siblings...


Me.... said...

I dont think you will make a bad role model.


richrach said...

haha... u so funny la...
seee... i'm going through all your old posts... so kepo hor?! :p