Thursday, April 17, 2008

Italiannese ... finally!!

been wanting to go italiannese for a loooooooooong time
the first time i went for it was like a couple of weeks back where we had a farewell party for kor joey at 1u
i fell in love with it almost immediately!!
reason y i din blog abt it the last time was coz i wasnt able to take any pics, but this time i did!!

classic cabonara, dont leave italiannese without trying it

their starters were freshly baked bread with a touch of olive oil n vinegar
it was exquisite!!!
n coz me n my gals went arnd 11am, the bread was still warm!!
its just the best ever...but just 1 tip, do not order for extra bread, else u wont be able to finish the real deal at the end...*burp*

so for drinks, me ordered grape shake

thts poh yoke (just found out her eng name was jade) btw, nice shot huh =D
the grape shake was refreshing n its not too sweet...
the amazing part was, altho it was sort of like ice-blended, the taste was still there right down to the last sip...simply amazing.

thts mel with her tropicana sunshine
its banana blend with pineapple
feels weird drinking banana...but it was good =)

last but not least is jade's cafe mocha
they said it was just alright, im not a coffee fan so i wouldnt know
it does look nice tho

classic pizza
definitely one classic pizza i ever had
the ingredients were fresh and the base was well done

jade din know i was taking tht...hahaha, u can see how much she wants it...

when it comes to tiramisu, mel is the pro
according to her, tiramisu shouldnt taste like cake at all, n this didnt!
it was just yummy cream, rich coffee powder and some stuff in between

n as for ppl like me tht doesnt appreciate cake aside from cheese cake
i kinda like it, especially the chocolate, rich n not too sweet
if i werent tht full, i would have taken a few more bites

in conclusion, it was a great meal n great time spent with my high school best buds
did some window shopping in the gardens n mid valley
it was great =D
love u gals!

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shengnan said...

I look like damn fat ler...
but the food is NICE~~!!
next station:DELICIOUS!!