Tuesday, April 22, 2008

let's go to the ZOO!!

yup! we went to the zoo!!

it was just another day,was actually planning to stay home n do some house keeping
however, i wasnt able to come home from lunch until after tuition
he brought us to the zoo without me expecting it!!

after lunch, he just kept on driving, he was grinning all the way but he just wouldnt say a word
n WALA! we're at the zoo negara =D
i laughed so loud when i found out we're heading to the zoo, not only because we are GOING to the zoo!! but also because its a lil surprise he's planned ^^
i like it when ppl PLAN something for me, knowing tht he is thinking of me the whole process of planning, makes me feel so special...
and because its a surprise, i din bring my camera, n i my phone was low in batt!!
so not much photos taken...but it was truly a happy happy day...

must take a pic be4 batt dies!!

giraffe!! the first animal tht we saw...man they are tall @_@

some bird left wandering around...i was a lil freaked out..

tapir!! he said it eats ants...hahaha, they feed on fruits wan lar...

there are lions behind me!! *roar*


some bigass bull...*fart*

thts my boy, not one of the display animals...=D

my lil pony~my lil pony~ gosh i miss tht cartoon!


all in all, it was a happy trip
altho we are sticky n stinky, we couldnt let go of each other's hand, n if we're not holding hands, we are in each other's arm...
he was so excited, din wanna stop for a sec
we were like spotting where's the animal n stuff...
we talked, we laughed...it was simply amazing...
really, its been quite some time now...

thank u for this amazing trip
thanks gwen for the car =)
thank u...for making me happy...

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richrach said...

no monkey ar??!
glad to c u happy! :)