Saturday, May 17, 2008

im running!!

ive always wanted to do something big
always wanted to make a difference
always wanted to prove myself worng

ive always wanted to run for president in the student council
always wanted to make uni life as it shud be for myself n the rest of the uni
always wanted ppl to know, wat student council is all about n its all about them

ive been relying on ppl's comment n opinion for my own's value
i get easily discouraged
n as much as i hate to admit it, i have very low self-esteeem...

ive such dreams and visions
ive much concern and compassion
but i was never a completer
no matter how extravagan, how great the plan was
i could never get it done, at least not till the end

but im glad i made the decision to run for presidency
good or bad
elected or not
i think this is going to be a great experience

n i was touched
with the amount of support everyone have shown me
and i will not let you guys down

here i come!!


sHanNa said...

WE'LL SUPPORT YOU ALWAYS! just tell me when is the date for election... haha! i'll bring my gang there... =="
macam nak gaduh pulak! haha! =X

joshua said...

i want to vote for u. how ah?

shengnan said...

add oil!!
u r the best!!