Tuesday, May 27, 2008

it has finally hit me

i thought i could handle the stress
i thought i knew exactly what i am getting myself into
obviously i have thought wrong...

after the campaign briefing today
it has finally hit me that, i am running against the time
so many things needed my attention, so many things ive given my commitment to
i suddenly realise, i may not be able to do this

psychology day
training camp
case study
video making

so many things going through my head
suddenly i was really really afraid
tht i may not make it after all
but i have to...
i dont have much choice...
let me fight through this few weeks...thn i might have time to breathe..

thank you SeeTho n Mei n Brend for looking through the banners n buntings
thank you KeanHao for fetching us around
thank you Yuki for being supportive
thank you... for lending me your shoulders...


joshua said...

ok, u have 10 priorities there from psychology day to theVoice?!

u will need to prioritize hehe...i think what i say is not new to u...

ok, so arrange them as per importance n urgency. what's important but not urgent...urgent but not important, urgent n important!


Stephanie Tanz said...

haha, that sounded a lot more work.

try mine, leave aside everything and it'll be fine. of course, with a pinch of US, and a handful of SUPPORT, not forgetting a whole lots of HELPING HAND available for your campaign and whatever not.

Muaks liew!