Monday, June 16, 2008


i shud be the one appealing!! how come they can get so many votes when they did almost nothing?!
sigh...altho i was sort of expecting this to happen, it did effect me a little when i got the news
could it be because of tht im moodless the whole day? or am i too tired?
sigh... i miss spending some one on one time with him...
many told me not to worry about the appeal...
im not lar...just dont understand, they shud be happy with the number of votes for them with the amount of work they did...y still wanna appeal?
they've been saying we seperate the international n local students
i did not made the seperation, it is naturally divided...
one thing im really interested to find out, is tht how many locals voted for them...
they've been saying im racist n stuff...hello? i have many international supporters whom i dun even know personally ok?!
which im really touched n surprised! many international students came to me n yuki and told us that they are supporting us...
were they able to do the same for the locals? have they reached out to them?
they've been saying we dont understand the international students
do they understand us?! do they know wat we need?!
no doubt they are strong and motivated
but i really doubt if they are ready for the student council
and sometimes it makes me wonder wats their intention of running this election
to prove that they can? n thn wat?
im happy to recruit them into the team, which was initially planned...
but now, im not sure if i wanna go on with it...


sHanNa said...

have faith in yourself~
you can do more than u imagine!

gambateh! =)

richrach said...

hey, steph!
watcha doin now??? *blur*