Wednesday, June 11, 2008

some rest finally

Be Psyched is finally over...
altho we are far from wat we expected to raise, we ROCKED UCSI!!
so proud of the team
so proud of a pro bubble tea maker now!! woo hooo!

campaign is also over now
voting starts tomorrow until friday 5pm
i would be lying if i say im not anxious about it
but like yuki said, we've done all we can
if still the "silent killers" win
its not God's will anymore i guess

everyone's been telling tht they would vote for me
tht ill surely win this election
truth is, the reason y they are voting me is becoz they are not happy with the opponent team, for watever reason...
they are not voting me becoz they believe i can really make a difference
which saddens me quite abit....
i asked myself, if only the opponent team was also formed by local students
would i still get so many support?

whatever it is
i just want to thank all the ppl thts involved in the campaign, n in many other ways of support during the whole process
i love u wives, ur support n love, i felt it
love the people who i hardly even know tht gave me a pat on the shoulder
love mr terry for messing up my hair and being proud of me
love my mum for being supportive and proud of wat im doing
im always so loved by people around me
wat can i ever do to repay...


Mary-Janice said...

can outsider make a vote?? :P

shengnan said...

hmm!!is that you on the banner??!!
THAT'S COOL~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!
huu~~~of course i'll vote for u gao gao...if it's allowed :P

bobby~hoo said...

yo gurl, honestly..whether i voted it for u as a fren, as a revenge for the not-so-favorable revenge against team b wen i was up on stage, or jus bcos you wre a familiar face.. proud dat u stood up there all along to head to where u stand 2day FULL FORCE FORWARD gurl!!no stoppin....

psst:oh i voted u, mainly cos i c u as a great wrkin partner wid DIGI...and like DUHHHH...fren also la!!!

You know me..the indian guy in your pd tea, said...

I believe you can make a diference stephie..

Do your best..