Saturday, September 6, 2008


as i was walking out from my student's house tonight
i felt a sudden relieve
i felt the wind, the smell of the was very soothing indeed.
i wanted to take a longer walk, i needed the chill...
but it was too dark and my car was near.

as i sit in the car, reflecting back on all the things that's been happening
i smiled to myself
it wasnt a happy happy smile, but more like a ... sigh-ing smile
thinking back the things the student's mum just said to me
the demands and "suggestions" she gave...its funny, in a what-the-heck way...
then it was the clubs meeting...
my hands were almost numb, i was almost literally shivering during the meeting,
coz in these meetings, you dont know when you'll get shoot.
then it was my council member...
dont want to go to that...

in every aspect of my life, the things that i do
i have to deal with so many people, very different kind of people
when you look back
you find the combination very interesting
and ask God, how on earth did you come up with so many different kind of personalities.
then again, its the different characteristics that makes this world a beautiful one

many asked me how i cope
with the council, studies, tuition, and now, dance classes.
honestly, i have no idea.

i complain, i whine
im tired, i want to escape
then again i cant, i dont want to
because deep down my heart, i enjoy it
i enjoy working along with different kind of people
i enjoy the presence of my students
i enjoy my course

right now, i am contented.


Stephanie Tanz said...


love u wifey...

shengnan said...

u r contented,and u r showing the piggy pic =_=