Wednesday, October 29, 2008

screw u

Dear DiGi,
as i am writing this i am filled with resentment towards you, if not you, its the the people that are working for you; if not all, maybe just a few particular.
lets put aside the fact that ive been a faithful digi user since i was 12.
and the fact that most of my part time jobs are working for you.
ive always told my friends that i have this indescripable connection with you because until today, i still get the opportunity to work for you, and i am proud, proud of your achievement, proud to be one of your user.
but today, you've gave me the biggest disappointmet
after the first roadshow in JB, i was thrilled, ive decided, hey, not only did Digi gave us good pay, but good accomodation and cool people to work with, y not continue for the next roadshow?
so i quickly rescheduled my appointments and tuition classes
being a responsible person, i told before hand that i must miss 1 working day as i am emceeing for my cousin's wedding, and so your people said its fine. hooray.
a couple of days later, your people decided to cut cost apparently, so only SELECTED people can work for the next roadshow.
disappointed n worried, ive made my plans, nevermind, still can reschedule, i shall wait a day or two, i din put high hope, i was ready to not be selected.
all of the sudden, great news.
my place is safe, again i mentioned tht 1 day tht i cant work, n it was fine.
then i confirmed all my schedules and appoinments.
wait, thts not the end.
i cant remember how it happened, but your beloved workers LAST MINUTE decided that all promoters MUST work for 5 days straight, missing 1 day would not be allowed.
there goes my plans, my list of christmas presents to buy, my clearance of debts.
sigh. y.
wait, thts not all yet.
this morning i found out
missing 1 day for last minute people is fine as long as replacement is provided...
wat the F***!!!!!
i shud have told you last minute tht i cant work on sat!!
y i so responsible n tell u early early ..
maybe i am making a really big deal out of this
but i seriously hate it when people spoil my plans LAST MINUTE
driving me up and down
giving me hope n taking it away and giving and taking
just because we din sign any contract doesnt mean u can play us like this
we dun standby for you 24/7
who do you think you are anyway?
you dont know how much the money means to us
you dont know how much trouble we have to go through to reschedule our routine
just because we are promoters doesnt mean you dont need to appreciate us!!
from this day onwards
i am boycotting Digi.
thanks for nothing.


joshua said...

i dare not amuse u.

MEI said...

its time to change to Maxis!! yea

Stephanie Tanz said...


liew liew, life's like that. just don be too angry at anything cause they don't really care. losing one digi customer doesn't really make a difference. when they need people, you are like a diamond. when they have enough, you will be worst than a piece of garbage.

there's always something more out there. just don't dwell in this stupid thing.

sHanNa said...

wow... COOL down...
Breathe in....
Breathe out...

See? GOod for lung and heart! ^^

shinobikit said...

not digi lar... screw the fucking sohai event company....

William Teo said...

Em... I am a loyal Digi customer, and for most I am their ex-Digi student representative. they had been good to me as in services, points rewards and other stuff. I don't think you should boycot Digi.

If you really want to blame some one, blame it to the the event company that did this. Digi don't employ people for road show, the event company did that. Look into your payslip, if the pay is from Digi, you can blame all you want to Digi. but if is not Digi, I think you really need to pull back what you had just wrote out there.

Remember, things change for a reason. Why not you look into the issue and see why it had change. Maybe the Lord want you know something is better for you out side then running road show around the nation.

Just be calm and cool, you will find out soon. take care ya.

-Nicole- said...

Lolz.. I know who to be blame. lolz.. SHAUN!


-Nicole- said...

dun be angry okay!
I'm on your side geh!

stephie said...

william, i personally know the event person, he's my fren in fact. early early he already booked us for the next roadshow, but the digi side decided that they dont need so many ppl after all, hence "reselecting" the promoters, they gave the name list to my fren. many things happened which i din blog in detail, many things i know for a fact shud be blame on digi. becoz you are considered one of their big customer, digi wont care for a little prepaid user like me.
but its over now, im still using digi, i was just at the moment.

Stephanie Tanz said...

hey girl, go see the continuation of DIGI in my blog

they sucks le. never care about the promoters. really treat us like shit