Thursday, November 27, 2008

what ive been up to

finished 2 presentations, one in BM about the movie "Aku bukan bujang" the whole presentation sucked, its not me, its the lecturer.
another one is my final project proposal, i tot i did okay

yes, still working with Digi...what?! they pay well okay, and ive been working with a bunch of really fun ppl, so i cant complain

its a month of birthdays, my high school best buds
happy birthday wern hui

celebrated tanz' bday in bangsar Delicious
can we go again? please...O_O

my cousin also my fellow emcee partner for cousin's wedding
it was a great wedding, really happy for them

mum's graduation, finally!
so proud of her
*update: still taking medication, side effects are kicking in, keep her in prayer*

*a picture taken long ago*
still crazily in love with him

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