Tuesday, February 26, 2008

my 21st birthday

so february is a big month.
anniversary, valentine, my birthday...
as much as i have told myself not to expect much...i have failed myself.
things may not turn out to be the least of my expectation, they werent so disappointing after all.
stephz said im a very easily pleased person, its true, n its always been this way.
anyhooo...i hope its a good thing.

so its my 21st birthday...
no fancy party, no pretty dress...but there were a great times with frenz n family..n great food too!!
my day started off in church, the gals bought a cake to "surprise" me...
well, i sort of saw brend coming in with a cake in her hands, saw amanda with the knife n candle, n smell the smell of matches...ahhahaa...but it was totally sweet of them to go through the effort.

thn it was lunch with jayson, love the carbonara, love the lamb chop, love being able to bring him to new places to eat n spend him the expensive lunch.

thn it was dinner with the whole family.
its been quite some time now since the last time i got together with all of them.
and we were able to take lots of group pictures...!! it was just perfect.

right at the end of my birthday...he showed up ...

same place, same song, same u....^^

then it was the gals nite out the next day....thank u wifeys..u gals rox!!

and here are my prezzies!!

people are trying to girly-zise me....

from my cousin...kinda like it =)

my gold key!!

more ang pau...more ... more $$$$

a GIRLY converse shoes...which i like =)

last but not least...my FIRST birthday present from him =)
oklar, he did give me my W580...so i cant complain ...hehe...

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Rycerain said...

i like the key chains! like ET :P
and i love the angpows the most... haha...